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Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or young friends whom you love and care for? Would you like to give them a monthly gift of interest and inspiration that could bear fruit in their lives for time and eternity?

If you do, have a look at the sample pack and consider enrolling them in the
Story-a-Month Club.

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The Stories

How it works...

The Club is web-based. On the first day of every month members will receive an e-mail from me telling them that their Story-a-Month pack is ready to be downloaded and printed out.

I suggest that children collect all their stories, coloured-in sheets and puzzle pages in a ring binder thus creating their very own and unique book of heroes.

What you receive...

  • a newly written account of the life of a Christian hero or heroine;
  • a sheet that tells that person’s life in pictures to be coloured;
  • a page of puzzles based on the life of the character of the month.
  • Puzzle answers will go out the following month.

These will all be sent out as PDF files.

Each month's story will go in the Story-a-Month archive and members will have access to all past stories and puzzles.

Members will also be sent a birthday e-mail each year.