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Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or young friends whom you love and care for? Would you like to give them a monthly gift of interest and inspiration that could bear fruit in their lives for time and eternity?

If you do, have a look at the sample pack and consider enrolling them in the
Story-a-Month Club.

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A new adventure every month...

On the first day of each month Story-a-Month Club members will receive a newly written story based on the life of a Christian hero or heroine. Stories will give some background and childhood details, tell a little about the teenage years and go on to expand on some incidents from adult life.

Each story will be about 1,500 words long. That is suitable for a single read for older children and to be read in parts to younger children. Stories will end with a one hundred word potted biography which will help the readers to see the whole picture.

The people whose stories are told will come from the present and the past and for a wide variety of places. For example, they will include Eric Liddell (20th C Scot working in China), Blandina (2nd C French), Adoniram Judson (18th C American working in Burma) and George Müller (19th C German working in England).

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