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Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or young friends whom you love and care for? Would you like to give them a monthly gift of interest and inspiration that could bear fruit in their lives for time and eternity?

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I remember the day very clearly. It was mid August and I had spent the summer holiday on a cousin’s farm. Dad was coming to collect me and take me home ready for the new school term. He brought two books with him, one for my cousins and one for me. I was six or seven years old then and that book left an impression that remains to this day. It was The Girls’ Book of Heroines by Arthur Groom. My imagination was set on fire!

Today’s children seem to be brought up with celebrities rather than heroes and heroines. There is glitz all around them in every form of media. The sad thing is that today’s glitterati are tomorrow cast-offs. When stars pass their peak of popularity children are encouraged to move on to the next rising star. Sadder still, many celebrities follow lifestyles that we would not want our next generation to copy.

The Story-a-Month Club will introduce seven to thirteen-year-olds to real heroes and heroines, men and women who started life as ordinary children like Club members, but who grew up to be used by God in interesting, courageous and life-changing ways. It aims to set their imaginations on fire.

None of those whose stories are told are perfect, but all are inspirational. None are glitzy, but all are truly great. The Story-a-Month Club offers children a monthly injection of true greatness to interest, excite and inspire.