Welcome to Irene Howat's Story-a-Month Club for 7 to 13 year-olds. Having written over 30 books for children, selling more than a million copies worldwide, I now write monthly stories for SAM Club.

Each story comes with pictures to colour and a set of puzzles. Members look forward to the first day of each month and their Story-a-Month pack. Have a look at the sample pack and you'll understand why.

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What Stories?

Science fascinated James Clerk Maxwell as a boy in the 19th Century. Years later he did the groundwork for radio, television … even satellite navigation! James, 'looked through nature to nature’s God.'

Mary Slessor rescued new-born twins left out to die in Calabar. When no evil spirits attacked her, parents started keeping their babies. These are just two of the characters who will interest and inspire club members.