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Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or young friends whom you love and care for? Would you like to give them a monthly gift of interest and inspiration that could bear fruit in their lives for time and eternity?

If you do, have a look at the sample pack and consider enrolling them in the
Story-a-Month Club.

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How it works...

The Club is web-based. On receipt of an annual subscription fee of £12 (approx. $19 US, $20 Aus, $20 Can) members will receive a welcome e-mail. Attached to it will be two front covers, one in full colour and one to be coloured.

I suggest that you give children files. Having stuck the covers of their choice to their files they are ready to create their own unique illustrated books of heroes and heroines.

New members have complete access to the archive, which will build up month by month from its beginnings in September 2013.

On the first day of every month for 12 months they will receive an e-mail from me telling them that their Story-a-Month pack is ready to be downloaded.

What you receive...

  • a newly written account of the life of a Christian hero or heroine;
  • a sheet that tells that person’s life in pictures to be coloured;
  • a page of puzzles based on the life of the character of the month.
  • Puzzle answers will go out the following month.

These will all be sent out as PDF files both in colour and in greyscale. You can choose which set to print.

Each month's story will go in the Story-a-Month archive and members will have access to all past stories and puzzles.

Members will also be sent a birthday e-mail each year.

You will receive a membership renewal reminder one month prior to your subscription expiring.